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Pet Treater has supported Brown Dog Foundation since 2016, and look forward to a new round of work and helping them provide care for more pets in need!

For 2019, we hope to raise $5000 towards life-saving assistance to pet families facing an incredibly hard choice between saving their family pet and the cost of medical care.  

And we need your help!

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Carol Smock, founder of Brown Dog Foundation with

Jack - one of Brown Dog's first animals saved in 2008. His next 10 years has never been taken for granted. 

Help Us Reach Our $5000 Goal!

We're inching up there! Every dollar counts.
Below are the ways we've raised money.


May 2, 2019

We participated in the Big Payback this year - where Middle TN businesses led a group effort to help campaign for local nonprofits. Brown Dog took home $5,610!


March 2, 2019

We sponsored a booth at  Mardi Growl of Knoxville hosted by Young-Williams Animal Center, where we sold cookies, directly to benefit BDF.


January 4, 2019

We ran a campaign where we asked for $1 donations from our customers at checkout if they would be interested in donating
to BDF, 77 customers did!


July 2019

Launched in June 2019 - we hosted an auction on Facebook where we list 30-50 items throughout the month of June, and collect highest bids!


May 2019

We launched "Shop & Treat" campaign where 100% of net proceeds will go to BDF, and so far, we've made progress but still calculating sales. Will update.


August 2019

Launched on May 1st, and still running, our $2 donation at checkout - we're up to $770 so far, that means 385 customers have donated!

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Why Brown Dog?

We are so honored to support an organization that puts others and pets first.  It is a challenge to know where to lend a helping “paw” today with so many different organizations and companies out there to draw our attention. 

Brown Dog Foundation was founded in 2006 and has continued to help families that may not have the full financial resources to care for or save their pet.  Yet, because of thoughtful and loyal donors there is hope.  Pet Treater & Brown Dog Foundation share the common goal of having more time, but most importantly, quality time with our pets.

Our partnership alignment is clear, as Brown Dog focuses on “bridging the gap between the cost of medical care and saving the family pet,” Pet Treater strives to treat all pets. We can't do one without the other. We must focus on healthy pet families in order to achieve both goals.

This is Chocolate Chip, Carol Smock's chocolate lab. Read the founding story of Brown Dog Foundation here.

Our Commitment

In past years, Pet Treater has helped Brown Dog financially & personally, then we decided we could do more. 

We created an audience grown from scratch on Facebook with a lively month long auction in Facebook Groups.

Today, our commitment to our partnership with Brown Dog has been thoughtfully developed, with several events throughout the year, from auctions, to month long shopping events, to small retail sales at local events, to check out donations, and outreach programs like the BigPayBack.org.

To this date, Brown Dog Foundation has helped over 1000 families save their pet. That's 1000 more pets we get to treat, and love on for that much longer. We can save more, with your help.

How You Can Help

  • SHARE your Pet Treater unboxing video, or photos, with a friend or family member, or on social media
  • SHOP during the month of May 2019, and we will donate all net proceeds
  • DONATE $2 at checkout paid directly to Brown Dog Foundation
  • ATTEND our local events and meet our team, @mardigrowl @fidofest
  • JOIN US at Facebook or Instagram live events
  • FORWARD deals you find on Pet Treater to friends and family
  • ADVOCATE for the health of pets and their families
  •  SUPPORT brands, charities, and businesses that pay it forward

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Saved by Brown Dog!

Families just like ours, receiving the help they need. Read their stories.

Meet Cisco, from TN saved in 2012

Meet Dexter, from OR saved in 2018

Thank you for your continued support of

Pet Treater and your trust in us to provide meaningful products that add value to your life, your pet's life, and your family's life.

Vantha Embry,

Co-Founder of Pet Treater

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